Dealing with a Cynic

Optimism is a wonderful way to go through life, but it is not always the best approach to every problem. For those on a first date, their optimism can help them to survive the time trying to learn about another person. When things go wrong, an optimist is generally the one looking for a silver lining that will save the date. It is unfortunate for some of them that they find they are dealing with a cynic who has no intention of being happy, and it can turn a bad date into a disaster.

Life is not always easy for anyone who is trying to find a lifetime partner, but their outlook can affect how it progresses. A person looking for the good in everything might not always be right, but the person expecting the worst will not be able to find anything good. Their attitude can depress almost anyone, and even an optimist might find their patience wearing thin.

When two people go on a first date, there is not really any obligation for them to spend a certain amount of time together. Meeting at the appointed hour and place is what they have really made a commitment to do, and the cynical person should be aware their attitude can drive the other person away. Leaving could be a unique way to counter the negativity of a date, and it would certainly seem to brighten up the person who agreed to go out with them.

There are times in life when it is best to admit something is not going to work, and those who are cynical at all times might find their attitude is affecting those they date. They might be cynical about love, but it could be that they are sure to drive it away with their harsh assessment of everything around them.