Becoming Friends Before Committing

Dating is a serious career for those who are looking for a special someone to build their life with, and they can display grim determination when it comes to finding the perfect partner. There are those who feel they have been run through a grinder, and they take long breaks after their relationships end. Some people are wise enough to know that chasing around for the perfect person will never work, and they substitute time with loved ones that would normally go towards dating. They are looking for friends who will be with them for the rest of their life.

Avoiding the pitfalls of dating sounds great, but marriage or a long term relationship will not be possible with a significant other unless arranged matches are part of the person’s society. They will need to be open to possibilities, and those who are relaxed about it will have the greatest success. Looking for a date is not necessarily on their agenda, but having a good time, with or without a special someone, is an important part of their life. This gives them an advantage of others because they have few ulterior motives.

A good life includes loving family, but friends who are close are also an important part of it. They are people who care about each other, but there are no blood ties between them. The situation is entirely voluntary by both people, so they have their own special relationship that exceeds the bonds of need. Being friends with someone is its own type of relationship, but that does not limit it to only being friends.

Couples who have been together for many decades often state that they have been with their best friend. They believe this is what made their relationship strong, and they cite the fact they can talk about anything. Finding someone special who is a friend first seems to be the best way to end up with a successful long term relationship.